SSMBC - River Stour Chartlet

Users please NOTE: This chart is not the property of SSMBC. It is though included within this site - in goodwill - for the safe use of all who use the river. It was accurate at the time of issue but, the river is changing and the marks may not be in the new rivers position at the time of a users chart use - which claims to just a ‘guide’ only. This is especially so when the winter months draw on and rainfall adds to the rivers flow.

DISCLAIMER: The compiler accepts no liability consequent of it’s use. It is strictly the vessels ‘person in command’ responsibility to know where he / she is at all times in respect of the ever changing course of the river. If necessary doing their own low water inspection and reporting their findings if any inconsistencies are found. SSMBC likewise admit no liability consequent of it’s use but are desirous of river users enjoying the river safely.

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