Here's the tale of one of the Club's sailing events, which took place earlir in the year, narrated for us by Denis Lemar, Motor/Sail Officer.

Boats in order of leaving:
Derwent Swan - Tony and Ruth and Ruth's two puppies
Lady Marion - Chris, Rachel, Mary, Ellis and Wizzer
Tac Tac - Jamie and Jane
Stour Puss - Denis, Linda and Finn
??? - Bill and Jo

A Sunny Start
Departed on a rising tide at various times according to each boat's draft and power. River pilotage down to each skipper, Tony was first away at 11 o'clock, as he needed good air draft to get under the town bridge, and the fact that the Crispen was open. We all was away by 12 in good sunshine, but it was cold, seen off by Lynn, Peter Burnett and Trevor.

The Skies Open
Although the forecast was not good we managed to get most of the way to the picnic site in fine weather, it was not until we got to the Dog and Duck that the skies opened and the wind grew stronger. We eventually got to the site to find that the trees had overgrown and the bank was awash. Never mind we could soon get to work and keep warm!!!! Tony tried to light a fire, Bill sorted out which trees to cut down and we made a bonfire alas only to see it float away as the tide rose even higher.

Sun Comes Back After the Dog and Duck
We had a picnic in the boats donned our waterproofs and set off back after a hour or so and as usual the sun came out just after the Dog and Duck we all got back around 6:30 ish and put the boats to bed in bright sunshine so all was not totally lost we now know that the weather stops just pass the Dog and Duck.

Edge of the World?
Our next foray into the unknown is on the 24 April to test the theory that the world ends just on the other side of B2 buoy and do we drop off the edge on the other side?? Bring a fishing line/rod/net we could be quite some time.

Photo Credit: Red Sky at Night ... by Keven Law 

Red Sky at night....