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Bad Trip to Dover.

Posted by Dennis Lemar on Wednesday, May 22, 2013, In : sailing activities 
If you are an avid watcher of the weather reports as I like to think I am the following lesson will be a salutary reminder of Murphy’s Law
The morning of the 3rd May started out well bright skies, soft breeze (F3) from the southwest and a warm sun, perfect just as forecasted. Alan, Jamie, and myself slipped mooring lines after going over usual checks and started our trip to Dover in high sprits and a falling tide at 08:30. All going well down river, time for breakfast and to run through the...

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Bob Saved the Day - Dennis Lemar

Posted by Lynn Beer on Tuesday, November 9, 2010, In : sailing activities 
Emanuel on the way to Deal 9th October 2010

Photo Credit: Chris Tappenden

Well Saturday looked as if the curse of Dennis had struck yet again! Foggy, over cast with stronger easterly winds predicted, depending on which forecast you listen to. No surprise then that it was only Chris, Rachel, Peter Burnett and my self that turned up. Peter soon decided that it was a little too unsettled to chance, and to be fair it did look ...

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Sandwich Boat Parade Videos by Dunkirk Spirit

Posted by Lynn Beer on Sunday, September 12, 2010, In : sailing activities 
Thanks to Dunkirk Spirit (Andy Sloan), a member of Grove Ferry Boat Club, who's provided these smashing videos of the parade!

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Dressed Boat Parade - August 2010

Posted by Lynn Beer on Sunday, August 29, 2010, In : sailing activities 
CIMG0179Epernay 3CIMG0204CIMG0205Epernay 3CIMG0178River Stour towards the EstuaryMister "E"Sandwich QuayPer MareDunkirk SpiritCIMG0214CIMG0212Ramsgate Road, SandwichCIMG0207
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Good Friday 2nd April 2010 - Trip to the Picnic Site

Posted by Lynn Beer on Saturday, August 28, 2010, In : sailing activities 
Here's the tale of one of the Club's sailing events, which took place earlir in the year, narrated for us by Denis Lemar, Motor/Sail Officer.

Boats in order of leaving:
Derwent Swan - Tony and Ruth and Ruth's two puppies
Lady Marion - Chris, Rachel, Mary, Ellis and Wizzer
Tac Tac - Jamie and Jane
Stour Puss - Denis, Linda and Finn
??? - Bill and Jo

A Sunny Start
Departed on a rising tide at various times according to each boat's draft and power. River pilotage down to each skipper, Tony was first awa...
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Messing About in Boats

Posted by Lynn Beer on Sunday, August 22, 2010, In : sailing activities 
on the boat 036 on the boat 029 on the boat 074 on the boat 026 on the boat 073 on the boat 035 on the boat 027 on the boat 057 on the boat 051 on the boat 072
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Dressed Boat Parade - Sunday 29th August 2010

Posted by Lynn Beer on Saturday, August 21, 2010, In : sailing activities 
High Tide is during the day this year, so we'll be mustering at Gazen Salts at 1.00pm (BST). with the Parade through Sandwich Bridge and The Town starting at 1.15pm (bridge open 1.15-1.45pm).

Usually, we illuminate the boats, but this year, in daylight, we'll be dressing them. A "Carnival" theme has been suggested, but feel free to indulge your creative side!

Need to know more? Contact Colin Carr, Sandwich Harbour Master mobile: 0795 837 6183

Gazen Salts, River Stour
Credit: Andy Sloan, Grove Fer...

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Illuminated Boats 2008

Posted by Lynn Beer on Friday, August 20, 2010, In : sailing activities 
BoatsLightsParty-Alfie 020 BoatsLightsParty-Alfie 144 BoatsLightsParty-Alfie 013 BoatsLightsParty-Alfie 008 BoatsLightsParty-Alfie 022 BoatsLightsParty-Alfie 014 BoatsLightsParty-Alfie 146 BoatsLightsParty-Alfie 018 BoatsLightsParty-Alfie 145 BoatsLightsParty-Alfie 015 BoatsLightsParty-Alfie 017 BoatsLightsParty-Alfie 023 BoatsLightsParty-Alfie 021 BoatsLightsParty-Alfie 012 BoatsLightsParty-Alfie 010 BoatsLightsParty-Alfie 016 BoatsLightsParty-Alfie 019 BoatsLightsParty-Alfie 143
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