Emanuel on the way to Deal 9th October 2010

Photo Credit: Chris Tappenden

Well Saturday looked as if the curse of Dennis had struck yet again! Foggy, over cast with stronger easterly winds predicted, depending on which forecast you listen to. No surprise then that it was only Chris, Rachel, Peter Burnett and my self that turned up. Peter soon decided that it was a little too unsettled to chance, and to be fair it did look poor. Chris wanted to test his engine and was planning to “just run down and count the seals” (28). So as my little boat was full of water I jumped on to crew with Chris, Rachel & Wizzer.

Setting off around 11:15 on a rising tide we soon rounded Blacksands with a cup of tea in hand,

Chris started to fidget and was putting the sails up “just to air them” the Bay did look inviting and the wind was not as strong as predicted and the sea had a slight chop just a little way out then? B2 passed by and to our stern a familiar sight of the distinctive white gaff rig of Bob Holden’s Emanuel growing bigger by the minute, in fair winds we squeezed out 3kts heading to Deal, Bob passed us like an express train not only did she look good she went like a bullet.

As we passed the old Princess golf club clubhouse and came about, the Lady Marion just lifted her skirts and ran with the wind 5.75 kph, satnav recorded.

Chris had never been so fast even Bob had not caught us up by the time we got back to the clear water mark in the approaches to the river.

Time for another cup of tea and a jog back up the river with Bob following on behind. Under sail I don’t think any boat in the club or on the river could match Emanuel for speed and looks but she has to take her time under power on the river.

Once on the moorings Rachel made a snack to celebrate a good run. While we put the boat to bed the sun came out! but hey you can’t have it all. Thanks to Bob not all was lost, and as we left the club to drive home after having watched the walking boat leave for Ramsgate a feeling of slight satisfaction was left at the end of a very good day that something had been achieved even if it was down wind.

Thank-you to all